X-Guide™ Dynamic 3D Navigation

The X-Guide system is designed to elevate the surgeon’s control and precision over the entire implant process, including virtual planning and placement. This results in the ability to deliver patients a more desirable, functional, and aesthetic outcome.

The X-Guide system is like GPS for the surgeon’s drill. It utilizes the 3D treatment plan to provide turn-by-turn guidance during surgery, which gives the doctor the ability to visualize precise movements of the drill for more exact implant placement.

This technology allows Dr. Wollschlager to offer his patients minimally invasive treatment options. This means fewer incisions and less pain, as well as shorter healing time for patients.

“Just as low-dose 3D imaging has helped to transform Total Care Dental, Dental Implant Center of North Florida years ago, the X-Guide provides the next technological leap for my implant procedures. Navigation is commonplace for medical procedures, and I am excited to offer this technology in my office for better dental implants. I have even more precision and accuracy with this technology and can offer more minimally invasive procedures with fewer office visits,” Dr. Tom Wollschlager says.

With the X-Guide system in the dental practice, same-day guided surgery can be a reality for more patients. This is a big advantage, since more patients want their implant results to be functional and aesthetic, while minimizing complications and optimizing their time, with less pain.


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