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Perio Protect

Dr. Wollschlager is up to date with the newest, most advanced methods to control gum disease. In our office, we use a comprehensive approach to treat gum disease in the least invasive way possible. By using Perio Protect trays, we can stabilize and maintain advanced gum disease without the need for periodontal surgery.

What are Perio Protect Trays?

Perio Protect trays are flexible trays that are custom fit to each patient and are designed to be worn 2-4 times per day in 5-minute increments. The custom fit creates a hydraulic seal around the gumline, which forces medicaments down into the periodontal pockets. They are simply a vessel to deliver medications into the effected areas. By forcing the medication into the pockets, rather than have it spill over onto the gum tissue, we know that we are delivering the correct dosage needed. 

We use a combination of medications, tailored to each patient's individual needs. We can even add fluoride into the medication combination for an increase in caries control. Medications used include: Doxycycline (an antibiotic used to kill bacteria) and hydrogen peroxide gel that creates air bubbles, (which the bacteria responsible for gum disease don't like or thrive in). Between the 2 medications, we can create a bacteriostatic environment and promote the pockets, bone, and other supporting tissues to heal and stabilize. 

Perio Protect trays are a standard in our perio program here at Total Care Dental. This wonderful adjunctive procedure saves our patients time, discomfort, money, and the need for invasive periodontal surgery. If you would like to learn more about Perio Protect trays, call our office to set up a consultation. 

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