Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are a type of molar found all the way in the back of your mouth. They are your 3rd molars. Most people end up needing to have them removed for various reasons. You may need to have them taken out because they are impacted, or you don't have enough room for them to fully erupt into the mouth. 

These teeth tend to start erupting when patients are in their early twenties. It is best to have 3rd molars extracted in your early twenties, before the bone is fully formed and becomes more dense making them more difficult to extract. 

It is very common for wisdom teeth to be impacted. There are different types of impactions, which is determined by how the teeth are positioned in the jaw. Mesial impactions are the most common for lower wisdom teeth-this means the tooth is still below the gumline and is tilted forward, angling it towards the tooth in front of it. If left impacted, it can cause gum tenderness, swelling, and even pain. 

Third molars are also so far back in the mouth that they are hard to clean with a toothbrush and floss. Difficulty keeping them clean make wisdom teeth more susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and eventually a dental emergency. 

We take panoramic radiographs to evaluate the position of wisdom teeth within the jaw, and can then determine if they need to be extracted. If you do need to have your wisom teeth removed, we can help. Dr. Wollschlager is well versed in the latest oral surgery techniques to make wisdom teeth removal as easy as possible. 

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