Bondings, also known as fillings, are a more conservative way to repair tooth structure lost to decay or trauma. Bondings are a good option for smaller cavities, chipped teeth, and discolored teeth.

During a bonding procedure, a tooth-colored material is bonded with the tooth. The color of the bonding is matched to each patient’s individual tooth shade (color). We now use resin or composite materials for fillings, instead of amalgam — which is the mercury silver, metal fillings done in years past. Bondings match the teeth better and are less noticeable when smiling.

Bondings are done on front and back teeth. They are as strong as teeth and can last a very long time with proper home care. Bondings can be done on front teeth as a less expensive alternative to cosmetic procedures.

They are a way change the appearance of discolored, misaligned, or chipped teeth with less prep work than veneers or crowns; however, bondings can stain over time, which makes them an unsuitable long-term solution for cosmetic appearances on front teeth.

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